Thursday, August 11, 2011


     I'm currently reading a book called "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven" by Mark Cahill. It is a book about witnessing, and I think that he makes a lot of great points, so I have decided to share a few with you.
     300 million years from now, what will matter? Will it matter what car you drive? What promotion you got? Who asked you out? Who thought you were cool? No. The only thing that will matter, is who is in Heaven and who is in Hell. So if that is all that will matter, shouldn't it be one of our MAJOR concerns right now? How come we worry so much about things that will mean NOTHING when we die and when people we know die? You see commercials on TV that say "You and 4 friends could win a trip to paradise for a week" and you think *Wow, that would be nice, who could I take? hmm I wish I could take everyone* Well God gave us the opportunity to tell and invite every single person we have ever met and will ever meet to ETERNAL paradise. And yet, we see the trip to take a friend to church as a burden to US. How selfish can we be? to keep something like this all to ourselves. 
     An interesting point of view that Mark takes in his book is he sees witnessing as a GET TO thing. Not a HAVE TO thing. Whenever we think of witnessing or sharing the Gospel we think, "I guess i'll mention Christ to him since that is what good christians have to do" But that is SO WRONG. That is what we as christians GET to do! We have to opportunity to share with a person the most important news that they could ever hear. Tell them the most encouraging thing that they will ever hear. And we don't because it might be awkward, or they might think we are weird. If trying to share the love of God with others is weird, why would we EVER want to be normal?
    Three things could happen when you share the Gospel. The person could accept the news, Reject the news, or a seed is planted. It's a win win win situation. If they Accept the gospel, that is the greatest decision they will ever make. If you plant the seed, it could always grow. And Luke 6:22,23 says "Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil because of the Son of man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven..."
If the person laughs at us for trying to fulfill the commandment that our LORD has given to us, great is our reward and we should rejoice in that. If you ask me, Witnessing sounds like a sweet deal.
     I'm not going to go through every little detail that this book has brought to light *if you want that, buy the book*. But it really put a new light on witnessing and made me realize how selfish i was every time i thought "Maybe somebody else will tell them". Why would i want somebody else to do it, when the pleasure of bringing someone to the LORD or at least planting that seed in their heart could be mine?!?!?! It seems absurd. I have a LONG way to go in my witnessing "career" and still do not put in all of the effort that i should. But through God, I am becoming a strong warrior for Him and hope to be able to fight bigger and better battles for Him in the future. GODBLESS.

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